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Our Company specialises in supplying Elevators, Escalators and Dumbwaiters to the building industry.

We at Gylet Elevator are supported by an able team of Japanese Engineering Consultants in the area of technical collaboration. This team trains the local Engineers in the field of Elevator Design, Testing and Troubleshooting.

Gylet is also equipped with the latest computer software for the production of Elevator shop drawings. We are able to respond extremely fast to the builder's requests for site coordination drawings.

Microprocessor-based technologies are utilised in its Control System to provide full Selective-Collective Elevators System either in Simplex, Duplex or triplex arrangement and to ensure maximum riding comfort, a good regulation of speed, acceleration and deceleration is achieved through its VVVF Control System. For high rise building Gylet elevator control system incorporates an energy saving feature call the regenerative power system. This device converts to a heat sink during lift travel on minimum or maximum pay load condition in the up or down direction respectively. The incorporation of this device saves the building owner as much as 40% energy consumption.

Gylet Elevator markets both the hydraulic as well as the Electric or Traction (Geared or Gearless) motor room or motor roomless Elevators and its specialised areas are:

  • Big Freight Elevators such as those used in Industrial Buildings;
  • Panoramic Elevators inserted in glass wall shafts, open halls or external weatherproof applications
  • Explosion-proof Elevators such as those used in Oil Rig platforms / Oil Refineries.
  • Elevators with speeds of up to 3.5m/s for high rise building of 35 floors or more.
Lift / Elevator
Glass elevators are gylet's speciality. Gylet has many glass elevators in office buildings as well glass observation weatherproof elevators.

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Gylet escalators come with 30° or 35° angle of inclination with 2,3 or 4 flat steps. In addition to there,Gylet also supply special 12° angle of inclination with or without intermediate supports.

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Robotic Parking
Gylet Robotic Parking System consist of the traditional 2tier or 3tier parking system,Tower parking type as well as the underground basement storage parking type.

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Control System
Gylet microprocessor VVVF control system is equip with the latest state of that technology with capability to change elevator control parametrs as well as troubleshooting with the help of a video display unit.

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