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Car Lift / Vehicle Lift
The Robotic parking consists of a fully computerised video desplay unit to park and retrieval of cars.
Drivers will only need to remember a 4-Digit numeric code to retrieve hir/her parked car.

    Types of Parking System.
  • Pallet Type Parking
  • Conveyor Belt Type Parking
  • Tower Type Parking

Pallet Type Parking

    Advantages of pallet type system
  • No risk of oil/grease spilling onto other persons' cars
  • No rocking of vehicle during transfer.
  • Accueate parking of vehicle at all times

Conveyor Belt Type Parking

    Advantages of pallet type system
  • Speed of transfer is better and faster.
  • Lower cost.
  • Risk of falling into empty shaft eliminated.

Tower Type Parking

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