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Our Company specialises in supplying and installation of vertical transportation in the building and construction industry.

We at Gylet Elevator are supported by an able team of Japanese Engineering Consultants in the area of technical collaboration. This team trains the local Engineers in the field of Elevator Design, Testing and Troubleshooting.

Gylet is also equipped with the latest computer software for the production of Elevator control systems. We are able to respond extremely fast to the requirements of the fast growing need of intelligent systems embbed in today's smart and efficient society.

Microprocessor-based technologies are utilised in its Control System to provide full Selective-Collective Elevators System either in Simplex, Duplex or triplex arrangement and to ensure maximum riding comfort, a good regulation of speed, acceleration and deceleration is achieved through its VVVF Control System.

Residential Lifts

Handicap Platform Stair Lift
Supra & Supra Linea
Handicap Platform Lift
Baduva SB200 / Gulliver and Orion / Altura Gold / Altura Gold Pro
Residential Dumbwaiter
Residential Home Lift
Residential Passenger Lift
Residential Vehicle Lift

Commercial Lifts

Commercial Handicap Platform Lift
Baduva SB200 / Gullvier and Orion / Altura Gold / Altura Gold Pro
Commercial Dumbwaiter
Commercial Vehicle Lift
Commercial Cargo Lift
Commercial Mechanical Car Park System
Commercial Passenger Lift
Commercial Escalator

Industrial Lifts

Industrial Dumbwaiter
Industrial Passenger Lift / Service Lift
Industrial Cargo Lift



Mechanical Car Park Systems

Mechanical Car Park Systems

Customised Solutions

Customised Solutions


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