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Product Distribution

Tailored to fit your needs
Space-saving features give your designs free reign

Lift Cabin Manufacturing

Our local factory produces elevator cabins according to the design layout by our designers

Lift Assembly Process

Our local warehouse does the assembly of components purchased and manufactured locally

Lift QC/QA Technical Department

The assembly parts and equipment are checked through quality control and quality assurance department.

Lift Control Panel Production

The elevator control system is assembled and testing in Gylet.

The control system is tested with various interfacing equipment in our production area where a mock up is used to tes't all features and functionalities.

We provide troubleshooting trainning for all partners so that they are equiped with the necessary skills and knowledge to serve their end-customers.

Global Partnership Programme

Expansion of network within group of partners.

Agents partnership programme.
Complimentary networking events.
Technology trainning programme for partners.


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