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Lift Repair

We aim to get your lift up and running.
At Gylet, we are a team of dedicated people who is determined to get your lift repaired in the shortest possible time.

When activated, we dispatch the 1st wave of mechanics on site to determine the equipment needed for the repairs.

Every stage of the repair, our team of mechanics are briefed thoroughly on the safe work procedures so that we get our job done safely in the process.
Common repairs include elevator doors, cables, motors, and locating control systems malfunctions in brakes, motors and switches.

Use test equipment, such as ammeters, oscilloscopes and voltmeters, to diagnose problems, adjust counterweights, door mechanisms, and safety controls.

We do testing of newly installed equipment to ensure that it meets specifications.

Comply with safety regulations and building codes as well as keeping service records of all maintenance and repair tasks in checked.
Swift Repair
Client can depend on Gylet to provide swift and effective repairs on your elevator.We have an in-house repair teams at your arms reach.
Timely Schedule
We aim to deliver repair services timely and seemlessly. If your business cannot afford downtime, we are the right people to serve you.
Customer Service
We are constantly improving ourselves to surpass your expectations. Every feedback from our customers helps us to achieve this dream, and if you are satisfied with our service, it adds to our motivation to continue serving you.


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