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Gylet Services

We are capable of delivering standard Elevators within 12 week ex factory and Special Customised Elevators with 16 week ex-factory.

Recently, in line with our continuous drive to meet the needs of the market, we have added another product line – the Automated Car Parking System. The system, which is fully computerised, can automatically park and retrieve a car by the use of a 4-digit code number or through a Smartcard System.

Gylet Elevator, in line with its policy of reaching out to global markets invites interested independent businessman to take up distributionship in their respective market.

We are a global company that meets the growing needs of all our customers, be they local or foreign. We strive to elevate and lift our standards to meet and surpass our customer’s expectation. With Gylet Elevator, you can expect nothing but the highest quality of product and after sales service.

Lift / Elevator New Installation

When it comes to new installation, you have came to the right place. Gylet team is ever ready to bring you through stages of lift/elevator requirements to selecting the suitable lift specifications to lift designs to complying with your country's code compliance to project management with your designated builder/main contractor to lift installation to elevator testing and training. Your building is unique compared to others,and so is the lift. You create moment with us, we do the magic. No requirements are too tough for Gylet's team.

Lift / Elevator Maintenance

Gylet maintains several teams of routine elevator maintenance personel as well as major repair lift service technicians. We use lifts on a daily basis and they have become a necessary convenience in our lives, in our high-rise landscape. It is therefore imperative that we ensure that they are safe for use for everyone.

Lifts and elevators, like most mechanical devices, require regular and proper maintenance to ensure safety and reliability of use. It is advisable for passenger lifts to be maintained at least once a month, and to undergo an examination, inspection and testing once a year as well as performing a full load test every 5 year cycle.

Lift / Elevator Repair

Beside routine maintenance, Gylet personnels are more than happy to advise building owners in the area of lift upgrading. Gylet has modernised many major brands and upgraded it with the latest lift/elevator energy saving microprocessor base control system that promotes green and renewable energy. Goodbye to the old generations of high energy dependent systems which uses in-efficient motor startups algorithm and conventional brake resistors.

Lift / Elevator Upgrading

Experiencing the following??

Long wait times.

High energy use.

Power quality.

Frequent breakdowns.

Want to value-add your building.

We are the right people waiting for your contact.

Lift / Elevator Inspections

At gylet, we work with many authorised examiners and professional engineers who are in the lift industry for more than 30 years of practising experience.
Do contact with your gylet's team to get to know on how we can provide lift good engineering practice work processes, lift breakdown prevention solutions, preventive maintenance on your lift equipment.

Lift / Elevator Consultation

Require a specialist to:-

Plan your lift requirement for your new construction?

Project management on lift installation works?

Training new lift installers/lift testing personnel /lift maintenance personnel?

At Gylet, we have many professionally trained engineers to attend to our client's request for information.

Our Engineers are trained both in hardware as well as software programming to meet client stringout product customization.

Business Partner Worldwide

At Gylet, we are constantly looking for partners around the globe. We hope to attract people in the lift/elevator/escalator/mechanical car park industry to join our circle so as to widen our network and business opportunities. We hope to aspire young entrepreneurs to find a way to grow in this industry. We currently have business relationship with countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Myanmar, Cambodia, Taiwan, India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka.

Product Distribution Worldwide

We Offer the following product and services with our business worldwide.

  • Lift Control Systems
  • Lift Monitoring Systems
  • Lift to BMS Systems
  • Lift to Scada Systems
  • Lift Mechanical/ Electrical/ Testing Training programme
  • Lift Products
  • Mechanical Car Park Systems

Meet Our Service Team

No matter where and when we are always there for you.

We maintenance service team is equiped with the knowledge, skills and experience to assist in the day to day operation of your lift equipment. We hope to bring our clients a more personal experience with our team. If you have any enquiries on lift/escalator/mechanical car park maintenance, authorities enquiries, our team will be the first amongst everyone to attend to you.
Hashim Bin Abas
Maintenance Director
Maintenance Supervisor
Maintenance Safety


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