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Lift Maintenance

We aim to provide our clients with a maximum downtime of any repairs within 24hrs and a all year round satisfied customer.

Lift Maintenance Non-comprehensive Contracts

This type of contract targets at helping our clients to reduce the running costs of maintaining a lift.The maintenance checklist is catered to provide cheapest available solution to ensure the parts required to replace is close to the end of its life span.

Lift Maintenance Comprehensive Contracts

This type of contract target clients who eliminates the delay in processing of quotation.Most components that causes breakdown under the list of comprehensive contract will be replaced immediately and that increases the uptime of the lift operation.

Lift Preventive Maintenance Contracts

This type of contract target clients due to the nature of their operation,could not afford any down time to the lifts will often op for this package.Major components are ordered and placed at client's premises to ensure that the delay of repair is significantly reduced.

Lift Customised Maintenance Contracts

Any of the maintenance package is not what you are looking for?

Please to contact our hotline and our maintenance representative will assist in coming up with a maintenance package that suits your needs.

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Our team boasts about providing smooth travel adjustments.
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In calibrartion and monitoring every year end inspection.
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